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How it Started

Professional Wedding & Event Planner

Planning and coordination was not my first role in weddings. I started working as a server for my aunts catering company, Griffin Catering, back when I was 15 years old. The emotion, the beautiful decor, the vendors, everything was so mesmerizing to me.

After high school, the college I was attending had a meeting and event management program so I signed up for six classes right away! I was instantly in love with every single aspect of the program, so much so, I started an internship with a well-known Wedding Planner outside of Boston to learn as much as I possibly could about the industry.

I later went on to work for Boston Harbor Cruises as their Function Manager and it was such an amazing opportunity to host events while at sea! Next in 2012, I walked into the Trumbull Marriott in Trumbull CT and instantly fell in love with the company. So much so that I later worked for three other Marriott properties, climbed the ladder and made it to Marriott Headquarters! I’ve done it all, Hospitality student, Wedding Intern, Function Manager, Banquet Supervisor, Event Manager, Director of Sales, Account Sales Merchandiser ... but I think “Taylored Events” will be my greatest role yet!

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